Current and Voltage Transducers

F92x series, 100mA to 400Amp DC/AC Current Transducer with Trip

  • 0-400A DC/AC Measuring Current, higher with external Hall Effect Sensor
  • 4-20mA,0-20mA,0-5V,0-10V sourcing output. (No external loop power required)
  • Zero insertion loss. (No effect on the measuring current)
  • Fast response, 10mS for DC, 250mS for AC. Can be reduced for low noise environments
  • Operates from a 9-36VDC Power Supply.(up to 60VDC on request)
  • 0-8 Amps measurement with F922/F923 Series via terminals. Higher currents using mounted, or external hall effect sensors.
  • Adjustable threshold detection with latched or non-latched C/O relay alarm, or solid state NO or NC alarm.
  • User adjustable output bias and span, with trip and level indication
  • Din Rail Mount

F923 Transducer with Trip Image

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F920 Current 10 Amp to 400 Amp Transducer

F921 Current Trasnducer Transducer with Trip output

F922 Low Current Transducer 100mA - 8 Amp

F923 Low Current Transducer with Trip output

F911 Voltage Transducer (500V) with trip output

F912 +/-15V Bipolar OEM Power Supply

F916 series(P971211), 25A DC Current Transducer

  • 0-25A DC Current input/li>
  • 0-10V output.
  • Maximum galvanic isolation between input and output using new compact Hall Effect Sensor with external aperture for current carrying wire, providing contactless current measurement.
  • Fast response.
  • Operates from a 12/24VDC (9V-36V) Power Supply (Other voltages on request)
  • Plug-In, Power Supply and Output connections, enabling rapid retrofitting.
  • Din Rail Mount

Download spec sheet.

F916-SP001 Image

AC Transducers

  • XD and DRIVE series, Current and Voltage Transducers
  • Current, 1A to 300A AC
  • Voltage, 60V to 600V AC
  • 4-20mA externally powered or 0-5V self powered outputs available.
  • DRIVE series are for direct connection. (With 5A CT inputs on the AC current type.)
  • XD Series use solid aperture for current measurement
  • Surface or DIN rail mount types available

Northern Design XD Series Transducer     Northern Design SXD Series