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Get the Durable Temperature Sensors You Need Right Here

If you are looking for reliable quality temperature sensors that can help you with accurate measurements in your business, we can help. We offer an extensive range of options to choose from so that your business can get precisely what it needs. Choose Fastron for all your electronic equipment requirements, and you will always get the job done right.

What You Should Know About Our PID Temperature Controllers

If you are considering our options for PID controllers, you should make sure that you plan to use the equipment for the right job. Here are some things you can consider regarding PID controllers and their usage to help make sure you purchase the correct item:

  • PID controllers are most commonly used to regulate variables of industrial control application. These variables can include temperature, flow, pressure, and even speed. Having a finer level of control over your variables means more precise production.
  • PID controllers do require operator involvement. Once you connect the controller to something such as a thermocouple, it will measure the current temperature versus what you set as the specified. It will then provide the relevant output to make sure it maintains your desired temperature.
  • The PID controllers we have available come in a range of options to suit individual requirements and to allow better customisation of systems. We have 24VAC/DC, 100-240VAC, 24AC/DC, and more.

In addition to being able to provide you with PID controllers, we can also offer the necessary RTD or thermocouples to help you put all the pieces together. Once everything is set up, you will start to experience just how easy controlling temperature becomes.

Additional Products We Can Provide Similar to PID Controllers

If you need more than PID controllers, why not consider our options for the following:

  • If you need power electronics, we can help. We can provide you with thyristors, diodes, bridges, IGBTs, and solid-state relays in a discrete, isolated module, or multi-chip types. We also have the necessary mounting hardware.
  • We offer options to help you improve or even newly install cooling management. Our cooling management options include heat sinks, water cooler assemblies, fans, and thermal switches.
  • We can also provide products for suppression and protection, which include things such as semiconductor protection fuses, EMC line filters, chokes, varistors, or snubber capacitors.

Why We are a Cost-Effective Solution When You Need PID Controllers

Our PID controllers are all made to last, which means whatever you buy now will provide extensive usage. Over time, the product will practically pay for itself since it rarely requires any maintenance. Installing the products are also simple, and we provide everything you need to make installations even more manageable.

Whether you want one of our PID controllers or you need options for power electronics or even electrical measurement tools, you can rely on Fastron. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent opportunities, reliable customer service, and free shipping on select products.

Call us today and get the PID controllers you need to control temperatures effectively.