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Stop start buttons are specialised types of switches used to control an action or a machine feature. If you’re looking for easy to use, durable button switches for your manufacturing unit or industrial work, Fastron Electronics is here to help. We deliver competitively priced quality solutions at a faster rate.

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Find Reliable Solutions at Fastron Electronics

The big start stop push buttons are usually present on machines with a yellow label. They are installed near the operator console. Such products offer an array of applications, they can be used to operate machinery and electrical cabinets. We have a selection of stop start buttons in various shapes and sizes. You can choose the switches according to the nature of your application and switch functionality. Each push button is made of high-quality fibreglass materials and reinforced thermoplastic.

Need assistance in selecting the right set of start stop push buttons? We are just a phone call away. Simply share your requirements and we will help you locate the right product.

Our Start Stop Push Button Switches Are:

  • Reliable and secure mounting
  • Chrome-plated corrosion resilient exteriors
  • Convenient double-headed operator
  • Perfect for on/off control


Functions Of Start Stop Push Buttons

A start stop switch is used to control the operations of equipment. It can be easily operated manually and provides safety for the machinery and user operating the device. Our switches are visible in colour so that they can be identified from a distance easily. Our stop start buttons are perfect for controlling machinery with added safety levels. The buttons are pushed to activate or deactivate a specific machine’s operation system. They are used along with electromagnetic equipment. If you need a custom push button for your equipment or machinery, we will be happy to help.

Get started. View our product page to place your order today. We offer free Australia wide delivery. Fastron Electronics is recognised as Australia’s leading manufacturer and importer of start stop push button switches. Our products are engineered using tested and resilient materials. We utilise the most sophisticated technology to deliver satisfactory results to our customers worldwide.

For a hassle-free operation, grab your start stop switch online.