Power Electronics Process Control Energy Monitoring Engineering Services

Fastron Electronics have more than 40 years experience in the monitoring, measurement and control of electrical parameters and process variables, supplying imported and in-house designed and manufactured products and solutions to a wide range of Industrial and Commercial customers.

This experience coupled with our partner software development team and a range of metering options including Northern Design Electricity Meters, Data Loggers and a complementary range of LEM Split Core CT's and utility sub-meters enables Fastron to provide a wide range of solutions. We assist customers in defining energy monitoring solutions and energy mangement strategies as well as supplying a combination of software and/or field devices to end users or systems integrators.

Software   Data Concentrators and Loggers
  • Fastron Electronics ERGO Commander Software - fully customisable.
  • Includes Charting & Dashboards.
  • Pulse and 4-20mA to RS485 Data Concentrators.
  • Portable, Energy Loggers.
  • Break-Out Boxes.
Energy Meters (Electricity)   Split Core Current Transformers
  • Moulded Case, split core CT's with built-in terminal covers.
  • 100A to 5000A.
  • Class1 up to 6VA.
  • Ring Type, split core CT's with 1m flying leads.
  • 100A to 3000A.
  • Class 1 up to 5VA.

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