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F105 series AC/DC Solid State Contactors


Download Datasheet - F105 Series
  • Din Rail Mount
  • Convection and forced cooled solutions
  • Up to 90A AC and 40A DC
  • Larger ratings on request
  • Random turn-on and Zero cross types available
  • Custom designs
  • Applications advice
  • Typically used for power control in electric heating and where repetitive switching is required.
product outline
  • ac and dc control inputs
  • 40 deg c max. cooling air
  • ac loads to 90amps/660vac
    • single and three phase
      zero and random cross types varistor protection and safety cover supplied as standard.
  • dc loads to 40amps/500v
    • diode supplied loose for load suppression.
  • fan cooled types fitted with thermal switch
  • heat-sink and ssr combination designed for optimum thermal and electrical performance
  • din rail or panel mount
  • convection or fan cooled
  • "crydom" ssr's. the world leader in ssr technology.
  • electrically isolated heat-sink
  • fully repairable assemblies
  • optional rc snubbers and semi- conductor protection fuses.
  • custom designs
bonded heat sink technology
  • compact heat-sink with small footprint.
  • lower weight and higher thermal efficiency than extruded heat sink.
  • highly efficient forced cooling solutions.
  • ac/dc solid state contactors
  • ac switch for heating controllers
  • ac/dc switch for many power control applications, especially effective in repetitive high current switching.

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