Power Electronics Process Control Energy Monitoring Engineering Services

Thermocouple, RTD Sensors and accessories
  • model TC01 small aluminium head, IP65 rating, stainless steel sheath
  • model TC01 duplex, large aluminium head, IP65 rating
  • model TC02P RTD- flexible teflon tails
  • model TC03P,TC04P RTD-hygenic welded fitting
  • model TC05 MIMS thermocouple basic
  • model TC07 MIMS thermocouple large plug

Thermocouples and RTD's can be made to order as required. Also available are Plastics Industry thermocouple assemblies, Terminal Blocks and Heads, Industrial/Room Air Sensor, Head Mounted Transmitters, Connectors, Extension Cable, Thermowells and Compression Fittings.

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