Power Electronics Process Control Energy Monitoring Engineering Services

At Fastron Technologies, we specialize in supplying products and solutions to meet customer requirements including installation, commissioning, repair and service functions.

This section provides a sample of the types of custom designs we have developed for a diverse range of customers.

Controlled Bridge   Phase Angle Controller
  • 300A 415VAC controlled bridge with isolated water path.
  • Compact, fully modular and repairable.
  • 3 phase 750kW, phase angle controller.
Controlled Bridge Module   415VAC Switch
  • 3 phase, 500A controlled bridge module.
  • Custom built as an emergency spare to "drop-in" to an existing crane controller asssembly where the original parts are no longer available.
  • Custom 3 phase, 415VAC switch mounted on customer supplied gear tray.
  • Additional CT's, Semiconductor Protection Fuses and terminals were also mounted and wired as required.
Motor Reversing Unit   Current Controlled Power Supply
  • 3 phase 415V Motor Reversing Unit.
  • SSR based, complete with fusing, snubbers and dead-band timers.
  • 1000Amp 24VDC Current Controlled Power Supply.
  • Fully enclosed and mobile for portable use.
Fast Cycle Power Controller   Water Cooled Power Supply
  • 1600 Amp 600VAC fast cycle power controller.
  • Complete with Semiconductor Protection Fuses, CT's and instrumentation.
  • Used for prototype testing of electric melting system.
  • 2500Amp 24VDC water cooled, phase angle power supply.
  • Self contained water cooling system to allow the unit to be transportable from site to site.
  • Used for heating motor windings following rebuild for curing.
Specialised Power Supply Mk II   Current Plating Rectifiers
  • 400Amp, 6V fast response, specialised power supply Mk II.
  • EMC Compliant.
  • Custom control circuitry, including harmonic current filtering.
  • Fifty six, 40Amp constant current plating rectifiers with remote control console.
  • Thumbwheel set point adjustment and analogue indication of plating currrent.
  • Status monitoring and control.
Phase Angle Controller    
  • 3 phase, Phase Angle Controller for fuel gas heating.
  • Convection cooled.

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