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Northern Design UK Announce New Cube IP 400 Energy Meter

Northern Design Cube IP 400

Electrical Specification

- Full suite of electrical measurements including true RMS.
- Class 1 or better Accuracy
- Gas, Water and Electricity
- Alarm Outputs
- Pulse Outputs


- Modbus TCP
- Static IP Address
- SCADA Compatible
- Integrates with Excel
- Fully customizable Web Pages.

LEM Switzerland Announce New Sensor Range

LEM Switzerland have pleasure in announcing a range of low current split core sensors for AC measurement. The TT Series comes in 50A and 100A models and is a cost effective replacement for normal current transformers, providing complete galvanic isolation and can be connected with the power on or off. The AT Series comes in 5A, 10A, 20A and 50A models. Complete with sensor and signal conditioning to provide process level outputs.

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