Power Electronics Process Control Energy Monitoring Engineering Services

  LEM Voltage & Current Transducers for industrial drives, robots & cranes, cable cars & ski lifts, elevators & escalators, ventilation & conditioning, medical systems and power supplies for computer & mobile systems, rectifiers, energy, automation systems, substations, trains.
  Shinko Temperature, Process and Humidity Controllers, Sensors and Recorders for a wide range of applications including furnaces, boilers, ovens, kilns and extruders, Water Treatment Controllers and Sensors.
  Crydom Solid State Relays, Solid State Modules, I/O Modules, Filters, Heat Sinks, Din Rail Mounting systems, for low power and high power electrical switching and control applications.
  IXYS Wescode IGBTs, Power Modules, Bridge Rectifiers & Controlled Bridges, Thyristor and Diode modules,Sic Diodes, Stacks and Assemblies.
  Crouzet Automation HMI Touch Screens, PLC based Control & Communication solutions, Intuitive Programming software FBD and Ladder Logic, VNC Server function, Customisable graphic operator interfaces, logic controllers, Wifi, Bluetooth and 3G Comms Interfaces, Electronic Timers, Monitorig Relays, DC Motors & Encoders
  Northern Design Electricity Measurement, including Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion, kWh Meters, Modular Metering Systems with analogue outputs and MODBUS communications available for all of your energy measurement requirements.
  Iskra Systemi Power Factor Correction Control equipment and Capacitors, Induction Heating Capacitors, kWh Meters, Power Quality Analysers, AC Voltage and Current Transducers, Electric Fence Batteries, Salt Water batteries, Digital and Analogue Panel Meters, Fuses, Synchronisation Meters,
  Schurter EMC/RFI Filters and Chokes, Pulse Transformers, Fuses, IEC Inlets with or without Fuses and Indicators
  Varsi Varistors for voltage transient suppression used in telecommunications, rectifier electronics, power electronics, measurement & control, process systems, computers, medical, automotive, test and instrumentation, gas tube supressors, SPD's
  Trent Semi Conductor and PV Fuses for Renewable and power control applications, name brand replacement(NBR) semiconductor modules and Solid State relays made to order for retro components.
  Oztherm SCR (thyristor) Power Controllers complete with Control Electronics and Power Semiconductor heat sink assembly, (Phase angle, burst firing, ON/OFF switching) Solid State Contactors and Custom products.
  Alish Digital Power Meters, Digital Panel Meters, Isolated Transmitters, Transducers, Converters, I/O Controllers, Current Shunts and Current Transformers.
  Rishabh Instruments Digital Panel Meters, Current Transformers, Transducers, Electrical Energy Meters, Hand Held Clamp Meters, Signal Conditioners, .
  Sanrex SCR/Diode Bridges and Modules, Isolated and Non-Isolated Thyristor and Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Sic Mosfets.
  Infineon IGBTs, Power Modules, Bridge Rectifiers & AC Controllers, Thyristor and Diode modules, IGBT driver boards, Stacks and Assemblies.
  Concept Intelligent Drivers for state-of-the-art IGBT's and Power MOSFET's based on a protection concept specially developed to satisfy the toughest requirements.
  Powersem Single and Three phase Isolated bridge modules, half controlled and fully controlled bridges, half wave, spade or screw terminals.
  LeClanche Capacitor Snubber Capacitors, DC Link Capacitors, Filter Capacitors, Supressors, Custom made Capacitors
  Itelcond DC Link Capacitors, Filter Capacitors, Ripple Capacitors.
  MS Power Power Semiconductors including Thyristors and Diodes for applications in power control and protection, high voltage soft starters, and water treatment processes.

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